The Coaching Team

Simon Drew • Head Coach

Coach Simon of Saffron Bootcamp

I head up our coaching team and own and manage the business.

I’ve been a keen sportsman and athlete most of my life. I have undertaken multiple CrossFit certifications including the Level 1 trainer course, Mobility, Endurance and Defense. I’ve also had experience coaching in a number of other sports. My aim is to ensure YOU train just the best way you can each time you work with me. Whether in a personal training setting or in a bootcamp I’ll be trying to get the best out of you. I have a fun and lively approach to life and I’m totally passionate about functional, lifelong fitness for everyone – I see EVERYONE as an athlete on a path to greatness!

I’ve spent the last five years designing and developing my own style in both group based classes and personal training. The mix of experience and my sense of fun mean most of my classes despite being hard work leave customers feeling drained and elated in equal measure.

As a child I was a keen footballer and progressed to boxing and weight training in my teens. I trained for two years in the gym of one of Great Britain’s finest weightlifters, Louis Martin. On moving to London, I continued training in various gyms and focused my training on conditioning for football.

When family life brought two children into the world I worked on what I call my ‘soft’ skills, self development and coaching through various great programs at Landmark Education. After a transitional period both in terms of work and location, I began to return to more frequent training, this time predominantly in martial arts, namely karate. I progressed in my training, climbed the grading ladder and took part in assisting in classes – it was the spark that provided a gradual increase in confidence and fitness I needed.

At my first major tournament I won a bronze in the Men’s Masters division at International level at the tender age of 43! Unfortunately, on the same day in an open division bout, I broke a bone in my hand (blocking a head kick with my hand) and over the following two years had difficulty fully recovering. I kept re-breaking the bone in sparring. Subsequently, in 2011 I decided to withdraw from regular karate practice to maintain my overall fitness level and concentrate on my new found passion.

CrossFit became my focus and inspiration on a daily basis. I’ve now trained using CrossFit methods and practice for over 6 years and I’m truly passionate about its all encompassing approach to health, well-being and the rounded fitness that it delivers. It’s fundamental principles are all targeted at making healthy, durable and formidable human beings. What’s not to like about that?

Being in the ‘Above 40’ age group (now 51!) and having encountered some age related issues. I’ve become intrigued in how to maintain and develop physical prowess and optimise well being later in life. There are numerous negative influences we as humans are at risk from and its useful to be aware of, and try to avoid these so they don’t restrict your own on-going lifestyle or ability to function effectively.

An awareness and understanding of injuries, in terms of both prevention and cure, helps me to quickly help diagnose a suitable course of action. I believe in continuing to work on fitness even if injured. There is nearly always something a person can do to keep active no matter what the injury, you just work around it! One of my ‘mantras’ is: Don’t let your age be an excuse to stop you living a full and active life! We are all able to grow stronger and develop our skills at any age.

Emily Stokes • Coach

Coach Emily of Saffron Bootvcamp

I joined Saffron Bootcamp in October 2013 with a friend, looking to get fit and lose a bit of weight. I loved it from the word go and haven’t looked back since! Simon hinted a few times that I’d make a good coach and in March 2016 I completed my Crossfit Level One Certificate Course. I have loved running the sessions and hope to help Saffron Bootcamp grow.

I have always enjoyed Sports from a young age and was a member of Braintree and Bocking Swimming Club from the age of 7 until 13. I trained 4 times a week and competed in Galas in and around Essex. My partner of 10 years is an avid surfer and soon had me in a wetsuit in the ocean! Most of our holiday destinations are only considered if there is a wave there, from Morocco to Scotland, Wales to Cornwall. We have been to many a beach and sampled many a wave. I don’t claim to be a good surfer, but I can stand up on a board!

In March 2016 I completed the Bath Half Marathon. Something I just wouldn’t have been able to consider without bootcamp. Simon helped me with my running technique and the bootcamps are fantastic for all round fitness. One of the reasons I love bootcamp so much is it suits every individual, no experience needed, no age restriction, it’s inclusive to all. The community it creates is wonderful, you really should give it a go.