A quick update on all things Saffron Bootcamp & Saffron CrossFit

POSTED ON April 9th  - POSTED IN News

We’ve had a very busy couple of months transitioning from Saffron Bootcamp to Saffron Bootcamp & Saffron CrossFit combined. Here is a quick breakdown of what we’ve been up to since the New Year:

  • We’ve created Saffron CrossFit – our box/gym based part of the business. This has included:
    • A new brand
    • A revamp of the box and the introduction of new CrossFit focussed equipment
    • A new schedule of CrossFit classes
    • A new, slick and fast access web site
    • A new range of social media accounts and facilities
    • Local press advertising
    • Local Signage
  • Saffron Bootcamp has undergone some changes:
    • A new qualified coach has been integrated into our bootcamps outside of Saffron Walden, namely Finchingfield, Bishops Stortford and Newport
    • We’ve rationalised class timings to help ensure we deliver a consistent program to each location
    • Upgraded and brought in some new equipment
    • Researched some of the best options for new camps in the Uttlesford area

The near future at Saffron Bootcamp and Saffron CrossFit

As we progress through April we are implementing a new pricing structure for all Bootcamp and CrossFit members and all new customers.

Specifically at Saffron Bootcamp in the near future, we’ll be be:

  • Creating a new identity
  • Re-launching the new identity across the areas in which we operate
  • Announcing at least one new location before the end of April 2016

While at Saffron CrossFit we’re looking to:

  • Add new equipment
  • On-goingly improve the box experience
  • Adjust memberships as we develop new class variants and offers

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Announcing Bootcamp v2.0! AKA Saffron CrossFit

POSTED ON January 7th  - POSTED IN News

Saffron CrossFit Logo

It’s finally here!

The ‘Sport of Fitness’ has finally made it to Saffron Walden. This is something we’ve been working towards for quite some time!

It is planned that the Saffron CrossFit gym will officially be up and running from 25th January and will be located at our well loved indoor facility at 10 Dencora Park, Shirehill. There will be a wide range of classes running for at least 5 days of each week. Beginner classes and the full range of membership options will be published along with the weekly schedule week commencing 11th January. A new web site is under development and should be online and ready to explore from around 13th January. Keep a close eye on saffroncrossfit.co.uk

Over time, Saffron CrossFit will become the main ‘brand’ of our fitness community. All social media sites will be switched to this new name and visual style in due course.

Saffron Bootcamp will continue to run as normal as we continue to develop our range of fitness options for the local area. Everything about this service will stay as is and be developed as we move forward into 2016.

We’re looking forward to a cracking 2016!

Happy New Year!